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Introduction of Land scape Works

Landscape consider one of the decoration finishing for outdoors places It contains plenty of work :-

Hard scape

Soft scape
such as :-

Agriculture ?Artificial rocks ?Water falls ?Fountains ?Stamp concrete ?Pergolas ?Lights ? Irrigation ?Pools ?Forge and Crytal ?Artificial Lakes ? Gardens accessories

Rock Art :-
Is a relatively new art form used to create artificial rocks for the construction of Waterfalls and other water related features such as Rivers, Lakes, White Water Rapids, Koi-Fish Ponds, Grottos, Spas and Jacuzzis.
Rock Art is also used to create an historical structure such as a Castle, Temple
This technique is also used to make Bridges, Benches, Gazebos, Pavilions and Terraces.

We can also use artificial rocks with agriculture and lights to make a marvelous and perfect picture for the client's villa or mansion.


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